Denise V. Schmidt—-(that’s me )

I am a personal trainer that has been in the fitness industry since 1985.  I absolutely love to help my clients on the road to health and wellness.   In 1996 I took on the challenge of Medical Exercise Specialist (more love).  I get the opportunity to help clients with medical needs.  Some may have osteoporosis, have had a stroke or just been through physical therapy and need help to follow the exercise prescription. 

Now that I am a mom of three great kids, I see more of the population in need of help.  Super mom to the rescue… i have now gotten into KidsFit.  Helping children and the people raising them to realize the need for more movement from the front of the tv and much-needed help with better food choices.

So in another chapter of my fun, exciting life I also have  become involved with a natural food products line  Wildtree.  they supply my family with all natural, no MSG, no dyes and nothing artificial products. Everything for the pantry, from breakfast, appetizers, meals in a FLASH to desert.   Let me  not forget their signature product and everyone’s favorite..Grapeseed oil.

ill update more tomorrow it is getting late


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